Our home improvement services include Siding, Painting, Window and Door replacements, dry-rot repair, Deck installations, and Deck replacements. 
Protecting the structural integrity of your home from moisture as well as providing an attractive look is the primary function of siding.  Old defective siding can lead to moisture infiltration within the walls.  This can lead to mold and/or rot issues.  If your siding is of concern, consider a re-side project using Hardi-Plankä brand fiber cement siding.  As well as protecting your home, replacing the siding gives you the opportunity to completely restyle the exterior of your home to your exact taste. 

While hardi-plankä is our siding of choice, we are experienced in cedar lap siding as well as a variety of other siding products including cedar shingles.  No matter which siding product you choose, you will appreciate the appeal of your home exterior each and every day for years to come.

Windows & Doors
In today‘s economy, saving energy everywhere possible has become a top priority for all.  Not only does saving energy help improve the economy, it puts money right back in your pocket.  Replacing old windows and doors is the most cost effective way of saving energy within your home.  Not only do new windows and doors have a high payback, they dramatically improve your home’s look and comfort.  Our experience installing new windows and doors will leave your home with a refreshed new look.  We install nearly any size window in even the most demanding applications.  You’ll feel an immediate difference in the comfort of your home.  Not only do new windows and doors keep natures elements out, they make your home much quieter as well. 

Often times when removing old windows or siding, dry-rot is discovered.  Our experience in repairing compromised wood helps keep jobs flowing smoothly and quickly.

Sometimes proper maintenance of a home can be as simple as a re-paint.  Protection from the demanding climate of the Pacific Northwest is first and foremost accomplished  with a quality, long lasting paint job.  Perhaps you simply desire some new accents or a  color change within your home.  Interior or exterior, we will meet all of your painting needs.

One of the most enjoyable features of any home exterior is often times the addition of a deck.  Not only do decks add to the appeal of your home, they can increase the effective living space as well.  Quality outdoor living spaces can be one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  We build a variety of decks on ground level as well as elevated applications.  We prefer the use of real cedar decking or quality treated outdoor wood.  However, we often install the many brands of composite deck products as well. 
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